5 Useful websites for IGCSE/O Level mathematics students

O levels/IGSCE is one of the most crucial step in your academic journey.

Since this is the first examination where students are being accessed by an external body (i.e. not by their own schools/institutes), it may stress out the students and their parents a little. 

It’s every other student’s approach to perform their best and gain straight A’s in their examinations. While there is a long list of subjects being offered, let us for now discuss the most tricky of all O Level Maths.

It isn’t uncommon for students to feel nervous while preparing for their O level Maths exam. They might feel butterflies in their stomach but this all can be tackled if you have already prepared well for it beforehand. 

There are numerous websites available on the internet to help the students prepare for their O level Maths exam.

Khan Academy 

This website offers  extensive  study resources for not just O level maths but a lot of other subjects as well. A variety of study resources are available which may help the students to understand the concepts well.

GCE guide

This site provides past papers of O levels so that students may get an idea of the paper pattern and the type of questions being asked during the examinations. This will help in preparing well beforehand.

BBC Bitesize

This site  provides detailed learning  courses for a variety of courses including mathematics. 

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Save My Exams

This UK based website is one of the best to prepare for your examinations. With extensive number of question papers along with their detailed explain answers and model papers, it can be quite helpful

Edx (Maths)

This website founded by Harvard and MIT is a huge platform for learners from all over the world. With detailed explanation on each topic it is quite a help for students

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