Nasrullah Siddiqui

Nasrullah Siddiqui

Faculty of O Levels & Intermediate

Urdu, Islamiyat & Arabic Language

He believes that a person should give back to society which is why he is using education as a means of helping others. His objective while teaching has been to implement different strategies to help students understand the concepts in a productive manner.

  • BS in Chemistry
  • MA in Islamic Studies, Arabic language

With a teaching experience of over 6 years, he has taught at many secondary and higher secondary levels in various standard institutes within Karachi. So far, he has taught over 500 students in his career which includes teaching Arabic & Islamiyat to intermediate students and Urdu to O level students.

Many of his articles have been published in reputable newspapers and magazines.

  • Urdu (O-levels)
  • Islamiyat (Intermediate)
  • Arabic Language


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